About the flight

Everyone has dreamed of flying at least once, and now it is possible in an easy, safe and fun way with Cumullus team, one of the most experienced tandem paragliding teams in the Alps.
Accompanied by our expert pilots, you will experience new and strong emotions you have never had before, close to the most beautiful mountain on the Earth, the Watzman in one of the most beautiful region from Alps, Berchtesgaden land.
We offer year-round tandem flights, every day. Restrictions are only the weather and in some of the flight areas, the operating hours of the cable cars. You can enjoy the awakening of nature in the spring, the hot summer sun, the incredible autumn colors or last, but not least the solemnity of winter panoramas

Meeting point and going up
Usually, the meeting point is at the landing place or at the bottom of the cable car. You have to be prepared with proper clothes for a mountain activity (mountain boots, proper jacket and eventually gloves). You will go to meet your pilot and together you will go to the take-off place on top of the mountain .

Filling the ticket
It is mandatory to fill out and sign a flight ticket with our terms and conditions prior to the flight, so that you have the full insurance coverage.

In a short briefing before we start we explain everything that you need to know for a safe procedure. Tell us if you have any health problems or motion limitations, so that we can prepare for that.

After only a few running steps, we are lifted gently off the ground. Important is to run until we are in the air. Some people like to sit to early – in this case it’s double work for the pilot.

From the moment of taking-off you sit as a passenger in the harness, as comfortably as in your armchair and, of course, in the “front-row” seat. You will enjoy a stunning view, you can relax your mind and you have the time to take in the sensational impressions. And if you seek the extra thrill, we have the right thing for you: If you are willing to try it, we can do special turns and stunt flying maneuvers that exposes you to such centrifugal forces as in a high-class roller coaster.

For you as the passenger, landing is a piece of cake – you must only stretch your legs, and we will land smoothly in a sitting position.

About us

We are Cumullus, a team of professional pilots, united by a common point: the passion for flight. Our main goal is to share the beauty of flight with you in the most free and safe way. We will help you to feel the excitement of flight in full harmony with the nature, exactly like the birds, disturbed only by the sound of the wind, over the most enchanting places in the Alps.

Our pilots will choose for you the best meteorological conditions, the best flying place, will offer you the best instructions at the takeoff, in flight and at the landing, so that at the end of the flight, you can truly say that it has been the best experience of your life.

The last generation equipment that we are using for flight allows us to fly with persons from 5 to 99 years with a weight limit between 25 to 120 kg. We can fly also with people with physical disabilities, but in this case please announce us in advance to prepare additional equipment we need.

We can organize flights with big groups, but please announce us in advance in order to best organize the flights.

Flight areas

Usually we fly in the next locations. Sometimes, because of weather conditions, we take the liberty to change the location, so that we can offer you the best and the safest flight possible.

Berchtesgaden (Jenner)
Located close to lake Konigssee, in the county of Berchtesgaden, the Jenner mountain is your gateway to extraordinary alpine adventure, into the splendor of Berchtesgaden’s National Park.

Sankt Johann in Tirol (Harschbichl)
Experience the freedom of flying in the middle of Tirol, having in front of you one of the most tremendous panorama in the Alps: the Wilder Kaiser mountain.

Salzburg (Gaisberg)
Starting flying from the local mountain of Salzburg, you will be able to see the Mozart town, the surrounding mountains and the Wallersee Lake.



tandem flight

160 € *
  • about 20 min

tandem flight

180 € *
  • about 30-45 min

* Transport at the take off places are not included.